Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometimes QUESTIONS are more powerful than ANSWERS

This is my first post (not technically of course ;)) in my blog.
Apparently, this very topic interests me so much because of the fact that i love asking questions.Let us start asking first is this true? (There you go! again a question! [:)]). I guess the answer to that question involves answering a very basic question related to human nature. yes,man is 'curious' by his nature.Curiosity involves quest for knowledge or attempt to venture into unexplored territories or unsolved mysteries/problems.
Every discovery starts with a question.I would say, nature is a full of wonderful questions,NOT answers, presented by a strong, powerful and unimaginable force to the living-beings.The animals or the humans, learn and improvise their abilities by experimenting or by asking questions to them selves.
Every question leads to many more questions and in the realm of new questions, the so called 'answer' will not be so curious,yet motivates and inspires to proceed. The answer also gives the belief or a ray of hope to the hunter in discovering the new answers eventually. And the cycle continues....
As i was saying that i love asking questions [:P], here are some questions for you to comment on:

1. Are one's capabilities function of nature or nurture. And the answer is BOTH.Now a stronger one,
what extent do they impact? Let me put it this way, Do you believe, with infinite hard work one becomes an Einstein ?
2. When there is no scope for experience, how would we define talent? What i mean is, there are so many people around us who are incredibly skilled at 'something' which they were unaware of until they see it themselves (No practice or No prior experience before). (Painting, playing musical instruments etc. these are some of the abilities performed by different people whom we encounter in day-to-day life ). In these cases, experience has no role to play.
3. Education is considered entirely a different activity when it is compared with playing a sport or riding a bicycle. Because you might forget a theory in mathematics which you learned some one year back. Will you ever forget, how to ride a bicycle even after 10 years from when you learnt. Why does this happen? Both are stored as KNOWLEDGE in the same brain [:D]?

Well, its time for me to put a comma to this post...

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Intro


This is Naveen Kumar.K . I have completed my engineering in Information Systems from BITS-Pilani,Goa Campus.Currently working in a Software Company in Bangalore.

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