Monday, July 7, 2014

Life Hacks

  1. Bookmark the Bookmark Manager to get built-in/convenient search for bookmarks in Google chrome.
  2. Getting late to work? Set the clock to 15 mins ahead, if you use two, set the other one to 10 or 20 mins ahead and forget that you set them. To make sure that, you set it to 16 to 20 mins at random for a week or so.
  3. Feeling down? Run for 3 to 4 miles or till you get completely exhausted (whichever is larger) and then take a hot shower.
  4. Winning guaranteed, how? Well, this isn't any magic formula or anything. Of course, we must do whatever it takes to win, but my point here is go over an extra mile. This is to increase the probability of you winning the race as any kind of race does involve lot of factors that are not in your control and yet do affect who wins the race. So the key thing is to set your personal goals on top of the actual goal and it should be an optimal one (better than the actual goal, otherwise there is no point).
  5. Organize your thoughts, how? I believe many would say write down and think coherently or maintain a diary. One other way I found is to make short videos of yourself talking briefly about your goals periodically and watching all of them occasionally. You would be surprised to see what is hidden in these videos. Also it would definitely improve how you speak or convey your thoughts to others.
  6. Using email as a Todo list: Keep the email unread mode till you complete the task. Do it even after you read the entire email but you haven't acted on it yet. In the gmail search box, type in "is:unread" to get your Todo list.
  7. Building vocabulary: Contrary to what we generally think, my tip is jot down the new words you encounter everyday in a book and do NOT write the meaning. This way whenever you see the words you previously encountered keep bugging you till you recollect their meaning or eventually look them up. (More stimulating practice)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet Another Blog Trying To Solve Problems With Indian Democracy

Hello readers,

Yes, as the title suggests the post is open-ended.
Let us get straight to the point. The point is Politician Vs IAS. Who do you think is smarter in understanding the real life problems and solving them?
What would be the impact on the social and economic life, if we could replace all the cabinet ministers with their counter-part IAS's. Let us deal with the topic on the grounds of no-corruption(cos..the probability for the person to be corrupted wouldn't change if s/he is an IAS or a normal person ).
I would have to say, in theory it looks nice and good. Because, the country is like a company in every aspect. And a CEO must be the smartest candidate for the company to be successful.
But the real catch is, ruling the country is not like running a company-Mr.Smarts are not good (in dealing )with the people. Yes, as you might think, for understanding the common man problems doesn't require cracking administrative exam. But, my point is that there has been a dramatic shift in the living ways and the wants and needs of the common man have been changing. It is not (just) the food,shelter,cloth problems any more that India is suffering for the reasons like globalization, technical revolution etc. The ever growing middle class of India has been producing the smarter candidates whose needs are more complex in nature - jobs,foreign education, scientific research(engineering and medical sciences) only to name few.
All these fields require a thorough understanding of not just allocation of budget, but leading them in the right way for the country to be prosperous and growing.
Instead of making the politician more and more educated why not make the Mr.Smart a politician. What I mean is, the party ticket is given only for IAS's :) , and people would vote for them. Although it doesn't seem practical now, the time might tell us future rulers would be as knowledgeable as Mr.Smart....

Disclaimer: The discussion didn't consider the actual statistics,but just the individual observations. The content of the post must be considered as an individual opinion only.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Probable Or Should I Ask Possible?

Its been quite a long since I write something here! Lets cut to the chase..
In what comes next, I would like to present you with my IDEAS on various things:
The following things might not be possible in the near future, but i like to think it this way,

Define the problem -> Design the solution -> Think of feasibility( is a non-increasing function of

Firstly, a technical one and my apology for any misuse or misinterpretation of terminology. I just wanted to know, how much useful it could be:

Can I call it a Run-time searching?
There is a world named 'search'. And you are the king. There are other things like depth-crawler,breadth-crawler, sych-crawler etc like animals in a forest. What does LION do? It will make others to work for it. Every animal is good at a specific thing. But you know, lion doesn't have such skills. Despite of the fact, it can make things work for it. Analogy might not be fully intended for this particular context. But you will get the point ;)

Imagine you entered a keyword called 'Maths' in Google Search Engine. The list of results appeared. And now you saw a particular text which is in your interest on the first search page.

This is like another thread which crawls the pages (another search query) as and when you are reading, i.e. locating the cursor position and forming meaningful sentences by sub-setting the words present in your current line (where the cursor's current position). And the user may also be asked to select particular combination of words for helping Depth-Crawler to find the relevant info faster.The aim of this agent is to go deep into the search rather than breadth as the name suggests.

blah..blah.."Breadth search"

This is an interesting piece, this will pops up results from the same web-page(Ex: you are reading page 1, the relevant things you are looking for could be in page 5, you wont get there till you click on 5 or next) by locating the similar content. If you want to have a quick answer, you might not have time to scroll through all pages. I generally do Ctrl + F , if the page is too long for the relevant paragraph.

There are so many crawlers, every one of which focus on a special method of crawling. We can go on adding these agents and feed them to get info faster.

This has to be organized efficiently so that user wont be confused or over-whelmed and at the same time, s/he should not miss a thing. These agents may use balloons to notify users with the relevant heads.

Wish my company had all these:
1.Music in office - Like you hear in nice restaurants
2.Colors like themes
3.Density of Light
4.Flavors of Perfumes
5.Fresh fruits, greenery & flowers
6.'Real' Wall Papers
7. Cartoons & Quotes - change every day
8. Moving water in a wallpaper or moving trees etc.

We decide who has to take all the other decisions by choosing a candidate and voting for him/her.
If at all elections were so easy in India, we would have voted for every decision we want to make. Point is, if it is so important to choose a right candidate for voting, it is equally important that he./ she should make a decision which will be useful for the majority of people as well.
So the decision of if the idea is useful to the majority of the people is kept in the hands of a chosen candidate. We, all know where the risk is, what if the candidate was not trusted one. So the solution is to take every decision by voting.

Is this (voting for every decision) as important as voting for someone? Yes! I think It is...

Comments are highly appreciated!

PS: Thankful to CVK for all the inspiration and help.. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometimes QUESTIONS are more powerful than ANSWERS

This is my first post (not technically of course ;)) in my blog.
Apparently, this very topic interests me so much because of the fact that i love asking questions.Let us start asking first is this true? (There you go! again a question! [:)]). I guess the answer to that question involves answering a very basic question related to human nature. yes,man is 'curious' by his nature.Curiosity involves quest for knowledge or attempt to venture into unexplored territories or unsolved mysteries/problems.
Every discovery starts with a question.I would say, nature is a full of wonderful questions,NOT answers, presented by a strong, powerful and unimaginable force to the living-beings.The animals or the humans, learn and improvise their abilities by experimenting or by asking questions to them selves.
Every question leads to many more questions and in the realm of new questions, the so called 'answer' will not be so curious,yet motivates and inspires to proceed. The answer also gives the belief or a ray of hope to the hunter in discovering the new answers eventually. And the cycle continues....
As i was saying that i love asking questions [:P], here are some questions for you to comment on:

1. Are one's capabilities function of nature or nurture. And the answer is BOTH.Now a stronger one,
what extent do they impact? Let me put it this way, Do you believe, with infinite hard work one becomes an Einstein ?
2. When there is no scope for experience, how would we define talent? What i mean is, there are so many people around us who are incredibly skilled at 'something' which they were unaware of until they see it themselves (No practice or No prior experience before). (Painting, playing musical instruments etc. these are some of the abilities performed by different people whom we encounter in day-to-day life ). In these cases, experience has no role to play.
3. Education is considered entirely a different activity when it is compared with playing a sport or riding a bicycle. Because you might forget a theory in mathematics which you learned some one year back. Will you ever forget, how to ride a bicycle even after 10 years from when you learnt. Why does this happen? Both are stored as KNOWLEDGE in the same brain [:D]?

Well, its time for me to put a comma to this post...

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Intro


This is Naveen Kumar.K . I have completed my engineering in Information Systems from BITS-Pilani,Goa Campus.Currently working in a Software Company in Bangalore.

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