Monday, July 7, 2014

Life Hacks

  1. Bookmark the Bookmark Manager to get built-in/convenient search for bookmarks in Google chrome.
  2. Getting late to work? Set the clock to 15 mins ahead, if you use two, set the other one to 10 or 20 mins ahead and forget that you set them. To make sure that, you set it to 16 to 20 mins at random for a week or so.
  3. Feeling down? Run for 3 to 4 miles or till you get completely exhausted (whichever is larger) and then take a hot shower.
  4. Winning guaranteed, how? Well, this isn't any magic formula or anything. Of course, we must do whatever it takes to win, but my point here is go over an extra mile. This is to increase the probability of you winning the race as any kind of race does involve lot of factors that are not in your control and yet do affect who wins the race. So the key thing is to set your personal goals on top of the actual goal and it should be an optimal one (better than the actual goal, otherwise there is no point).
  5. Organize your thoughts, how? I believe many would say write down and think coherently or maintain a diary. One other way I found is to make short videos of yourself talking briefly about your goals periodically and watching all of them occasionally. You would be surprised to see what is hidden in these videos. Also it would definitely improve how you speak or convey your thoughts to others.
  6. Using email as a Todo list: Keep the email unread mode till you complete the task. Do it even after you read the entire email but you haven't acted on it yet. In the gmail search box, type in "is:unread" to get your Todo list.
  7. Building vocabulary: Contrary to what we generally think, my tip is jot down the new words you encounter everyday in a book and do NOT write the meaning. This way whenever you see the words you previously encountered keep bugging you till you recollect their meaning or eventually look them up. (More stimulating practice)

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