Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet Another Blog Trying To Solve Problems With Indian Democracy

Hello readers,

Yes, as the title suggests the post is open-ended.
Let us get straight to the point. The point is Politician Vs IAS. Who do you think is smarter in understanding the real life problems and solving them?
What would be the impact on the social and economic life, if we could replace all the cabinet ministers with their counter-part IAS's. Let us deal with the topic on the grounds of no-corruption(cos..the probability for the person to be corrupted wouldn't change if s/he is an IAS or a normal person ).
I would have to say, in theory it looks nice and good. Because, the country is like a company in every aspect. And a CEO must be the smartest candidate for the company to be successful.
But the real catch is, ruling the country is not like running a company-Mr.Smarts are not good (in dealing )with the people. Yes, as you might think, for understanding the common man problems doesn't require cracking administrative exam. But, my point is that there has been a dramatic shift in the living ways and the wants and needs of the common man have been changing. It is not (just) the food,shelter,cloth problems any more that India is suffering for the reasons like globalization, technical revolution etc. The ever growing middle class of India has been producing the smarter candidates whose needs are more complex in nature - jobs,foreign education, scientific research(engineering and medical sciences) only to name few.
All these fields require a thorough understanding of not just allocation of budget, but leading them in the right way for the country to be prosperous and growing.
Instead of making the politician more and more educated why not make the Mr.Smart a politician. What I mean is, the party ticket is given only for IAS's :) , and people would vote for them. Although it doesn't seem practical now, the time might tell us future rulers would be as knowledgeable as Mr.Smart....

Disclaimer: The discussion didn't consider the actual statistics,but just the individual observations. The content of the post must be considered as an individual opinion only.


CVK said...

The whole idea of democracy is that the govt is of, by and for the common man. The moment we put a barrier (of birth, education, or strength) it can be misused. It's quite another matter that this idea is seldom applied in practice.

As far as the question of the bureaucracy ruling the nation, in my opinion it is already true. They are the ones who keep the government machinery running. But, like the army of a nation, their position is under a civilian Govt.

Phani said...

how about having benovalent dictatorship like in the ancient ages instead of democracy for a short period till India becomes a developed nation


@CVK: Yes, they are the unsung heroes, but my whole point is how far their decision impacts the final outcome when their wit hides in the shadow called "neta".

@Phani: You are on the other side of democracy scale, yeah but for some is a good thought..but in the context of practicality, i doubt it's applicability..

Anonymous said...

I felt this post is not from the point of a common man :P


@Ranga: Would you care to elaborate..let us try and look from your perspective..tx

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